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New Blog

Friday June 22 Update

Barry Mosier

Today we are open from 8am to 6pm for Upick or prepicked Strawberries. Sunshine returns today to make a perfect day for picking! Berries freshly rinsed by the Lord-but no mud thanks to the straw in the rows. Our Kasson (1 block south of stoplight) and Owatonna (26th St & Cedar Ave) will be open all day. This will be a shorter season-likely ending at the end of June so don't wait! Just a reminder that we are closed on Saturday for a Sabbath rest, but will open again Sunday morning at 8am. Check our website for more infor..

Thurs June 21 Update

Barry Mosier

Due to the all day rain today, we are closed for Upick today, however we expect to have a good amount of prepicked berries available today on the farm for sale! Our stands will be closed today. If you come in the afternoon, you may want to call ahead to see if there are still some prepicked berries  left. We will be open tomorrow as usual-maybe the sun will shine! Thanks for supporting a local farm family!

Wed June 20 Update

Barry Mosier

We are open from 8 am to 7pm for prepicked or Upick berries. Still LOTS of berries in the field! Our best crop in years. The Lord washed and watered the berries through the night and they are ready for picking. No mud thanks to the nice straw between the rows. There is not much chance of rain through the remainder of this day, but should be nice and cool for picking! Remember that the season may be a bit short this year, so don't wait too long. We are now at the peak of the season!! Our Kasson stand and Owatonna stands will be open all day. Thanks for supporting a local farm family.

Tues June 19 Update

Barry Mosier

Still lots of ripe berries in the field and plenty of prepicked berries for sale! The Lord washed and watered them through the night, but no mud to pick in thanks to the nice layer of straw between the rows. There will be a small chance of showers today, but a nice cool day to do your picking. Our Kasson stand (on Mantorville Ave near stop light) and Owatonna stand (26th and Cedar NW will be open today. Our asparagus is now sold out for the season, but we still have our honey for sale.

Monday Jun 17 update

Barry Mosier

Although it is a little drippy until 9 or 10 this morning, we are open for upick or prepicked berries til 7pm. Cool and cloudy weather is great picking weather compared to the last three days of heat! No mud as you'll be on a nice layer of straw. We have LOTS AND LOTS of ripe berries to pick after the last 3 days, so even though it's early, we are at the peak of the season. Our season may only last 2 1/2 weeks due to the warm temps, so don't wait to get your berries. Kids have been having so much fun watching our black lab Ebby fetch her ball and lots of families came out yesterday for father's day. We plan to open both the Kasson and Owatonna stands today. 

Sunday June 17 Update

Barry Mosier

This is our best crop in years and many people picked over 30 pounds on Friday! After 2pm today will be quite warm with a chance for rain, so come early if you can. Prepicked or Upick is open today from 8am to 7pm. There is a nice layer of straw between the rows, so don't worry about mud. Make great family memories today by coming with Dad to the strawberry farm! Pick berries together, take pictures, have fun! Then, take home great nutritious food for strawberry shortcake or just fresh eating. Our Kasson stand will be open today. Thank you so much for supporting a local farm family!!! Asparagus is still available along with rhubarb, home grown honey and lettuce. 

June 14 update

Barry Mosier

We will open Friday June 15 for uPick and prepicked strawberries at 8am. Right now the big beautiful king berries are ripening so you get nice big berries, but the number of ripe berries is fewer than it will be starting on Sunday (we are closed Saturday). Why not make unforgetable family memories on father's day by coming out with Dad to pick strawberries on the farm!! We provide the containers and families are welcome! We have the best crop we have had in years, but the warm weather will shorten the season to about 2 1/2 weeks. We hope to open (no guarantee) our Kasson and Owatonna stands starting on Friday also.

Thank you for supporting a family owned and run farm! 

Barry & Marybeth

June 12 Yummy strawberries only days away!

Barry Mosier

This year's strawberry crop looks great! We are sure to open by Friday the 15th for Upick and prepicked. However, if enough berries are ripe on Thursday, we will open then! If we don't open Thursday, we will have at least limited supplies of prepicked berries.

You can support a local farmer by buying delicious home grown strawberries. Be a hero! This is a family business-not a big corporation. Hope to see you soon on the farm.

Barry & Marybeth

June 8 Post. Strawberries coming soon!

Barry Mosier

We could open for strawberries as early as June 14 or 15-but check before coming! For sure by father's day!

We are looking at a very nice crop this year. Our consultant tells us our fields look as good as any in the state. Our new drip irrigation allows us to water whenever the plants need it, so we hope to offer the best strawberry picking in the Rochester area. 

We will still have asparagus for about 1 more week!

See you soon on the farm!

Barry & Marybeth