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Farm Updates

Tuesday June 25 Update

Barry Mosier

Finally! Opening day for Strawberry season has arrived after a cold winter and long cold spring! Welcome to the farm! However, even though it’s warm and sunny today, the berries are still ripening after a long cool spring. If you come to pick your own, you will thrill to find big beautiful ripe king berries, but the ripe ones are not yet thick in the field yet. If you are planning on large quantity picking, you will be happier if you wait a few days. They will ripen quickly now that we are in the 80’s. Our fields should be in peak production near the end of this week. No stands are open today.

Monday, June 24 update

Barry Mosier

We picked about 250 pounds of big king berries this morning and they are available for sale on the farm today while they last. Otherwise, we still plan to open officially on Tuesday. See you soon on the farm! 60687 205 Ave Dodge Center.

Sunday June 23 Update. To open June 25!!

Barry Mosier

We will open for Upick and Prepicked Strawberries on Tuesday, June 25. Our latest opening ever, but it is also the best crop in years! Rather than open on a cold, wet Monday, we decided to delay until a sunny warm Tuesday!!! We will also plan to open our Kasson stand that day also. We feel so blessed that the big hail storm of two weeks ago missed our farm by 1/2 mile. The warm temperatures that are coming will ripen the fields more quickly and thus we expect about a 2 1/2 week season which would end approximately July 12. We should be at peak production by late this week so come and stock up your freezer! See you on the farm! Barry & Marybeth

Big beautiful berries!

Barry Mosier

Today, our grandchildren picked a couple ice cream buckets full of huge strawberries. They were delicious! We are just waiting to be sure there are enough ripe ones to have happy customers. That would for sure be by Tuesday25th, but might be Sunday the 23rd. Keep checking, as we will post Sunday morning early! We feel so blessed this year as the large hail storm of 2 weeks ago missed us by 1/2 mile! This looks to be our best crop in years, but because it is so late, it might be a shortened season. See you soon on the farm! Barry & Marybeth Mosier

Strawberries are ripening, but it is cool weather still......

Barry Mosier

We will continue to post updates as the field develops, but at this point we can see that we definitely will not be open by June 21, this Friday. We have a small field of early varieties that may be ready by Sunday, 23rd, but the main crop will be a little later-24th or 25th. In any case, we are seeing some whoppers coming and the only ripe early one we found in the field yesterday was delicious! They will be worth the wait!

Barry & Marybeth