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Farm Updates

Thursday June 28 Update

Barry Mosier

Thursday we are open from 8am to 7pm for prepicked or Upick berries. Lots of people turned out yesterday to pick and raved about the size and quantity of berries in the field. Don't wait, as Friday will likely be our last day to be open. It will be a beautiful day today for picking. If you are short on time, we do have frozen berries available. We plan to open our Kasson stand today, but probably not Owatonna. See you on the farm. Thanks for being a hero and supporting a local farm family!!

Wednesday June 27 Update

Barry Mosier

We will be open from 8am to 7pm for Upick berries. The Lord continues to amaze us!! Big beautiful delicious berries are pouring out of the field today! Great day to come and pick and we have plenty of prepicked berries on the farm and in Kasson.  Friday will likely be our last day to pick. Short on time? We have top quality frozen berries for sale on the farm. Our Kasson stand is open today, but not Owatonna today. Hurry to get delicious berries for 2018! See you on the farm.

Tuesday June 26 Update

Barry Mosier

Today we will be closed for Upick due to rain and ripening time. We do have a good number of prepicked flats of berries for sale on the farm today while they last. We will be open again tomorrow for Upick. We still have a varieties producing nice sized delicious berries, but the season will likely finish at the end of this week. 

Monday June 25 Update

Barry Mosier

Our fields are looking better now that the rains have stopped! Upickers picked lots of beautiful delicious berries out of the fields yesterday. We are open today for Upick and prepicked berries on this perfect picking day! The season will be short so don't wait!! Our Kasson stand will be open and we will try to open our Owatonna stand. So many other berry farms had crop failures that people have been buying berries as fast as we can pick them. We feel blessed to still have nice berries to pick! Come early in the week if you want to be sure to get berries. 

Sunday June 24 Update

Barry Mosier

Early season heat and recent excess rain has greatly shortened the strawberry season! It will end later this week, with the best picking early in the week. We still have lots of nice fruit in the fields, but you have to sort through some spoiled fruit. This morning will be excellent weather for picking but there is a chance of rain in the afternoon. We will also have prepicked berries on the farm and will try to open a stand in Kasson (but not Owatonna) as our own picking crew is smaller on Sunday. Don't miss your chance to get strawberries for 2018! Call if you have specific questions. 507-884-7247 or 46. Thanks for supporting a local farm family!