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Farm Updates

Wednesday, July 3 update

Barry Mosier

Today looks like a nice day for picking especially the morning. We will have pre-picked berries at the farm and at our stands in owatonna and kasson today. The best way to get to our farm is coming through Dodge Center. There are some road closures due to rain washouts to the north east and north west of us. Follow our signs. We are still getting great berries out of the field. We will be open on the fourth and fifth so come and make some great family memories by picking strawberries together. You won’t be in any mud as there is a lot of straw between the rollers.

Tuesday, July 2 update

Barry Mosier

Today should be a great day for picking as it is cooler with no rain in the forecast. We continue to get big delicious berries out of the field and are at the peak of our season now but get your berries soon as the season is likely to be shortened due to all the rain. We will open our Kasson and Owatonna stands both today and we do plan to be open for picking on July 4 and 5 of this week. See you on the farm for great family memories and good healthy fruit for your freezer.

Monday, July 1 update

Barry Mosier

This is the peak of the season for our fields. We will be open for pre-pick berries and for picking all day today. Don’t delay if you want strawberries this year. these relentless rains may cause our season to end prematurely. We will try to open our Kasson stand today but definitely not Owatonna. The berries just sell so fast on the farm It is difficult to get ahead enough to open a stand. See you on the farm. Barry and Marybeth

Sunday, June 30 update

Barry Mosier

Today should be a great day for families to come and make memories on the farm. This week should be the peak of our strawberry season this year. The field is loaded with big berries. Taste is excellent. People can come and pick us early as they want to today to beat the heat. Welcome! We should have unlimited picking this week so tell all your friends to come too. We hope to open our Kasson stand today but not Owatonna as it is hard for us to find workers on Sunday .

Saturday, June 29 update.

Barry Mosier

Don’t forget that we are closed all day today on Saturday. We will be open all day Sunday starting at 7 AM for people who want to beat the heat early. Tomorrow should start the peak of the season for our fields.