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Outreach Project

Congo Frontline Missions (CFM) is our outreach project. Fifteen percent of all profits from our farm go to help with CFM and needs in Congo.

Our family served for 8 years as volunteer missionaries in Tanzania, Africa, and 3 more years in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We saw first-hand the great need and poverty there. Marybeth delivered 150 babies there and our youngest son was adopted from Tanzania. The need is especially keen in DRC where 5.5 million died in the war up to 2006. Our son Keith is the president of CFM and lives there with his wife Tammy and 3 children. 

Congo Frontline Missions is involved with the following projects:

  1. Evangelism Training School
  2. Spreading the Gospel through church planting
  3. Church planting among the unreached Pygmy tribe
  4. Drilling and construction of water wells (36 wells dug so far which provides water for well over 100,000 people) People walk up to 3 miles to get water from our wells. CFM will soon ship a full size well drilling rig to DRC to expand this essential ministry.
  5. Dental Clinic with 1 permanent and a number of mobile locations-also training school
  6. 40 tons of Bibles studies in native language and 5000 Bibles distributed
  7. Agricultural training school
  8. Young doctor and wife will move there soon and construct a hospital

Your purchases help to fund this ministry. If you would like to do more, we can explain how you can do so.


Barry & Marybeth Mosier